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{June 1, 2009}   Stay With me

well, guys, do listen to this song.. this is so relaxing and cool.. do listen to it.. if i have loved it.. so can you..


{June 1, 2009}   Time to bloG now

Well, due to xams and other pressures.. did not get time to blog.. but now its time to do so..

Wel, am in holidays now.. 😛


Hi guys, well, that is my new entry after some days..

END Of year 2008.. a Recap of all gooooddd and baaaadddd memories..

Well, this year has made lots of changes in our lives.. and i will share mine with you.. Days and months has passed leaving out memories and souvenirs as well.. some will remain, some have left and some will be remembered.. but still life goes on..  I will start with changes in me..


I made lots of new friends. Mainly i have now been friends with almost everyone in my class. Friends have become closer and some distant.. i have tried to be present for everyone but still could not satisfy all.. and am sorry for it. The persons whom i met and knew this year and who changed my way of thinking.

Let me talk of my small group of friends who i knew since the beginning, Malini, Vilasha, Ashwinee, Priyanka, Devika and vishali.. A small family but have divided into two.. but often meets up when am in the surrounding.. well, they have always been here to help me out,, mainly priyanka ine feeling up my little small “petou”.. lol.. Well, even though we had some problems but we are still fixed up together.. I love them as they are and what they are.. Even if am moody, they still understand me, that is their best quality i love.. They are my real best friends..

And not to forget to mention about velen. a really good friend of mine.. We know each other since form 4 in tuition.. But we stayed together in uni.. Well, i can say that he knows almost ALL my friends but i know his really little but his friends know me by view.. Well, currently had clashed with him as he tried smoking and this guy has some stomach problems and he is really doing something against.. (So, if you know him, just tell him).. I stopped talking with him but now, it’s almost ok but not as before.. Everytime i try to talk to him, i just stop by, and think of what he did.. Some say, that “It is his life to do what he wants”.. Well, Good friends are here to stop bad habits and not to let it go smoothly as time passes.. i do think i was, i am, and will be his good friend.. i have the right to get angry.. Hope he would understand it one day..

 Dakshinee, we met  during our Accounts presentation. We didn’t know each other in the beginning but with time, we became really close.. Daks can confirm it. We are always sharing lots of things and amusing lots and lots..

Well daks, thanks for forming part of my life.. I know we will have lots of good memories.. Well, that’s now that we have really starting enjoying our university life.. No bad points on daks..

There is dwarks, he is someone cool and really knows how to live up this life.. we have had plans mainly at caudan with a large glass of beer and some delicious calamar croustiant.. btw, he is on the pic above. but dwarks is not fully in studies..

Here come the main character, Mary.. MAriange, Chiwawa, Chouchounedar, Mari, Marie, lol.. ena boku nick a mettre.. well, Mary is someone really close to me. we are often or mostly together in uni.. but Mary is not always present among friends.. (souvent li alle jouer worms).. Well, I won’t forget the Tattoo that Mary got from me.. lol.. (wanted to put the pic but Mary gonna kill me)

There is also, The one and only person who brought lots of changes is Brinda, alias Priya.. lol.. We just became friends. At first, i kept distance from her, but one day, we had to make a presentation together and got to know her.. and she’s really someone to know and have as close friend. I feel really fortunate to have her by my side.. she forms a really good friend and a good motivator as well. Well, i will let u knw y..

When she came, we started working with patience and did it well.. She was always here to clear out doubts , to know the situation and words to apply.. i really hope she remains with us..

Well, as i said, she was a good motivator.. She helped me in all tasks.. Some changes of 2008 made me the Vice class Representative of my class, she was always here to help me out, handling the money and papers, contacting the lecturers as well.. And Also, i became part of  The Auditing Team of Management Society of UoM.. That was a real change even though have not done much in it. But feel nice to form part of it..

This was a change in me, to be more responsible. be accountable and be more precise..

Achievements have been low but still, i had a view on ACCA and am currently trying my best in it.. I have been able to be back on the right track now.. Concerning ACCA, i met someone really nice, cute, dynamic, attractive, intelligent and helpful, Clarissa….  I met her in my ACCA tuition through roshni.. I really liked having known her.. Have always been sharing same views and talking in tuition for hours.. lol.. Well, we often sat near each other and at one time, revizing the notes and on the other, talking about life, mainly about mine.. (i would have put her pict but have not asked)
Well, 2008 has brought it’s changes, it’s time for 2009 now.. well, like every start of a new year, we always say, “HOpe this year is better than the last”..



Resolution for 2009:

1)  be more involved in studies
2)  Be less moody
3) Be more friendly
4) Stop Coca cola consumption and Shift to WATER only
5)  Give time to old friends
6) Be patient
7) Be more responsible
8) To bring more good grades
9) to complete at least 3 ACCA papers this Year
10) Saving money
11) Nurturing a small puppy
12) Be myself
13) Stop teasing people
14) Stop driving FAST
15) Stop breaking things
16) More to come


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to all of You Dear friends

{November 21, 2008}   Dance Party

Today was really great.. another dance party organized by the ENgineering society..

The Day started as usual with the boring class of Mr Baccus.. but he cares for his students, he gace us some case studies to work out.. that was good from his part.

As usual, daks and calamindaas are the latecomers. btw i was the second guy to come in the class. noushira was the first one..

i was supposed to go to a wedding but wat a bullshit weddings are.. i prefer people living as they are, single and free.  i finally stayed at uni. waiting for the dance party to start. i didn;t know about it, it was Deeya who said that first.  wen class ended, we went to the cafeteria of uom and played TF.. my luck was with me. i always got the best cards and was the first to win.. even though, brinda brought her old cards but was really good to play with it.. now its in my bag.. won;t let forget it ever..

The dance party started late.. well, daks and brinda was pressurizing anesh to stay.. he was damned willing to go.. but he stayed but went afterwards.. when we  entered the dance hall, it was cool but sooner, a hot air was coming in and out.. lol..

Daks, Anesh and brinda and me Also danced really a lot and non-stop at the stage where we had to take a break.  the atnmosphere was hot and the songs quite boring until the INDIAN stuff comes into action. this time, we all had a blast on that song.  even though, the heat, the pressure, we were all having great funs.


Daks was really good at dancing and sweating as well, she was really fill up with that,, (PS: daks hope u have taken a bath).. brinda, as usual, the most experienced one among us was doing so well.. anesh was really cool but he hesitated to dance a litte more..

we went outside afterwards, anesh had already gone.. daks, brinda and me, went to the cafetaria, took a cold SPRITE and went to the bus stop to go home..


That was the first day when we all went to a dance party,, and am sure, there will be more.. thats for sure..


Thanks Daks, Brinda and anesh for this Day we had..

brindadakshinee and anesh

{November 21, 2008}  

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