WhatEver Happens, Happens For The Good and With A Reason


Hi guys, am Ritesh, commonly known as tocks since college.. well, am 20 years old, born on the 7th of october 1988.. am 1m80.. i live at dagotiere.. well, have a big bro and mum and dad in our small house in a peaceful region. 

well, my horoscope is balance.. Who want to mingle??  well, am currently doing my bsc(hons) Management minor finance level 2 at university of Mauritius.  well, i have lots of friends at uni, mainly mary, dakshinee, brinda, malini, vilasha, ashwinee, priyanka, devika, vishali, vellen, deeya, heetisha, neha, nea, anesh, didier, annick, cuts, sharvana, clarrisa, roshni. aruna and many more.. btw 90% are gurls.. lol..


well, i like chatting making friends, dancing, prend nissa.. currently, have taken some responsibilities of Vice class Representative and also as an auditor in Management Society.. still single for the time being..

Ritesh Randhir's Facebook profile


thats my facebook link..

My msn add is taucoor123@hotmail.com

yahoo add : taucoor123@yahoo.com

My phone number is 7047710


clarissa says:

nice blog..lol,seemed u njoyed lot today…vremem ti bizin ca b4 exams..:-)

Daks says:

riiteessssshhhhhhh 😀
mo gagne envi criE coumesa em moi 😛

yashvin says:


My first visit here, nice debut 🙂
I have added you to my feeds and also on my blogroll. Please don’t forget to add my link here too…

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

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