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{November 21, 2008}   Dance Party

Today was really great.. another dance party organized by the ENgineering society..

The Day started as usual with the boring class of Mr Baccus.. but he cares for his students, he gace us some case studies to work out.. that was good from his part.

As usual, daks and calamindaas are the latecomers. btw i was the second guy to come in the class. noushira was the first one..

i was supposed to go to a wedding but wat a bullshit weddings are.. i prefer people living as they are, single and free.  i finally stayed at uni. waiting for the dance party to start. i didn;t know about it, it was Deeya who said that first.  wen class ended, we went to the cafeteria of uom and played TF.. my luck was with me. i always got the best cards and was the first to win.. even though, brinda brought her old cards but was really good to play with it.. now its in my bag.. won;t let forget it ever..

The dance party started late.. well, daks and brinda was pressurizing anesh to stay.. he was damned willing to go.. but he stayed but went afterwards.. when we  entered the dance hall, it was cool but sooner, a hot air was coming in and out.. lol..

Daks, Anesh and brinda and me Also danced really a lot and non-stop at the stage where we had to take a break.  the atnmosphere was hot and the songs quite boring until the INDIAN stuff comes into action. this time, we all had a blast on that song.  even though, the heat, the pressure, we were all having great funs.


Daks was really good at dancing and sweating as well, she was really fill up with that,, (PS: daks hope u have taken a bath).. brinda, as usual, the most experienced one among us was doing so well.. anesh was really cool but he hesitated to dance a litte more..

we went outside afterwards, anesh had already gone.. daks, brinda and me, went to the cafetaria, took a cold SPRITE and went to the bus stop to go home..


That was the first day when we all went to a dance party,, and am sure, there will be more.. thats for sure..


Thanks Daks, Brinda and anesh for this Day we had..

brindadakshinee and anesh


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